Working with posture disorders

Working with posture disorders



  • The causes of spinal problems are numerous and often difficult to avoid. In the 21st century, more and more people began to appear with complaints of back pain. The causes of pain are completely different, but the main reason is a little mobile lifestyle associated with work in the office or in enterprises with a long stay in the same position.
  • When working with such problems, I actively use a set of techniques aimed at eliminating venous and lymphatic stasis, relieving tension from muscles and improving spinal mobility.
  • In this paper, I use classical massage, vacuum massage, manual techniques from Yumeiho (correction of the position of the pelvic bones) and manual therapy.
  • The number of sessions as a rule depends on the nature of the neglect of the problem, on the strength of the pain, and on many other factors.

    * herniated disc;
    * back pain in different locations
    * radiculitis, pain in the joints and spine;
    * consequences of osteochondrosis;
    * pain and aches in the joints, headache and dizziness;
    * headaches, dizziness, migraines, effects of traumatic brain injury;
    * diseases of internal organs;
    * maintenance of management of pregnant women, recovery in the postpartum period.

    1 session - 300 ₪
    5 session - 1350 ₪
    10 session - 2700 ₪
    I practice a holistic approach to human health, so in one session I can apply several methods, this will not affect the price in any way.