At least twice a week. With serious problems: every day or day after day.
According to your feelings. From once a week to once a month or twice.
- 2 hours before the massage is better not to eat tightly.
- After the massage you can eat in 20-30 minutes.
Yes, it is possible, even necessary.
The only contraindications to massage are:
- the threat of miscarriage
- epilepsy
- viral diseases and diseases passing in an acute form.
In the early periods at least once a month, in the later periods once a week and more often (the load on the lower back and back muscles increases).
Not. Bruises stimulate the immune system;
At healthy people, bruises do not appear after staging.
The duration and number of sessions depends on:
- the size of the hernia
- the general condition of the patient
- and most importantly, how the recommendations for nutrition, exercise and lifestyle are performed. On average, from 10 sessions and above. If the recommendations are not followed, then the desired result is almost impossible to obtain.