Massage and pregnancy – is it possible or not?

Massage and pregnancy – is it possible or not?


Pregnancy, the expectation of a baby is one of the most important periods in a woman’s life. But along with pleasant excitement on this occasion, sometimes negative moments also arise: discomfort, various ailments, mood swings, and the like.
Massage for pregnant women is aimed at correcting the discomfort caused by changes in the load on the body and hormonal fluctuations.

As well as the classic, prenatal massage relieves pain, normalizes blood circulation, relaxes and thereby can raise the mood due to better health. Massage can be used during the entire period of pregnancy, with the exception of the first trimester, so as not to provoke a threat of miscarriage. Also, do not resort to this procedure for exacerbation of any disease, at high temperature or skin diseases.

During the session, it is important for a woman to take a comfortable position, as a rule, this is a pose on her side, eliminating the strain on the stomach. During the massage for pregnant women, clapping and pressure techniques are excluded, especially in the back and lower back, only stroking and light rubbing movements, working through the massaged area without unnecessary stiffness, are allowed. It is advisable to use special oils, which allows the hands to gently glide over the skin, eliminating its irritation. Caution should be observed when adding essential oils, since during pregnancy, the body can react completely unpredictably, it is best to consult a specialist about this.

The course of prenatal massage, in addition to pleasant sensations and just pleasure, eases possible pain and discomfort in the neck, back, lower back; allows you to reduce swelling of the hands and feet due to the normalization of blood and lymph flow; improves oxygen supply of various organs and tissues, and also stabilizes the functioning of the endocrine glands, which greatly contributes to the alignment of hormonal levels.

For all its merits, massage is not able, unfortunately, to completely cope with all the complex conditions of pregnancy, but the regularity of its use will help get rid of sleep disorders, problems with stools, relieve headaches, prevent possible stretch marks on the skin, serves as a preparation for childbirth and can even to facilitate the postpartum rehabilitation period.

Also during pregnancy from the first months to 9, the Yumeiho method is well suited. This method is aimed at correcting the position of the pelvic bones, working out all the muscles (relieving tension from the muscles of the back, legs, neck and lower back) and the most important thing is the removal of psychological stress.

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