Symptoms of osteochondrosis and its consequences

Symptoms of osteochondrosis and its consequences

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Everyone should pay sufficient attention to their health. Our body is constantly under the negative influence of external factors. Therefore, it is regularly necessary to monitor his condition and adhere to the correct lifestyle.
Recently, there has been a frequent visit to doctors of people of not mature age with back pain. This is usually associated with the development of a disease such as osteochondrosis. It is due to many factors in which there is a lesion of the intervertebral discs, cartilage and inert tissue.

There are many different reasons that contribute to the development of this disease. The main ones include, first of all, genetic predisposition, serious injuries of the spine, its curvature, as well as overweight, sedentary sedentary work, poor nutrition and much more. First of all, the symptoms of osteochondrosis are discomfort and constant back pain, as well as numbness of the limbs and headaches. However, pain can periodically appear and disappear.

But do not neglect these alarming calls, it is best to consult a doctor and undergo an examination. Osteochondrosis is insidious in that it can affect different segments of the spine, and thus the symptoms can be different.

According to the affected areas, the following types of osteochondrosis are distinguished:

  • lumbar
  • chest
  • cervical

Less often the disease manifests itself in girls than in boys.
If you ignore the symptoms that appear or do not treat osteochondrosis, then clearly the disease will not only actively progress, but can also lead to such serious consequences as the development of a vertebral hernia. And in this case, simple and ordinary treatment can not be dispensed with, it will be necessary to apply surgical intervention, after which the rehabilitation period is slow and difficult. Therefore, you can not joke with this disease and is not serious about its treatment.

Effectively helps to combat osteochondrosis alternation of Yumeiho massage, vacuum massage and classic massage.

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