Vacuum massage

Vacuum massage



  • The method of extracting air by burning it out with fire has been replaced by the technology of vacuum air evacuation using a manual vacuum pump, which allows meticulously retract the skin surface at the points of impact. This produces a light puff of blood leading to improved blood circulation and the opening of canals and small vessels.
  • During vacuum therapy, peripheral blood circulation is activated, skin and muscle nutrition improves, stagnation in tissues is eliminated, and access to the skin of toxic and under-oxidized products increases to the surface.
  • Due to the vacuum, a local rush of blood and lymph to the skin from deeper-lying tissues is caused, which has a reflex effect on the vessels of the internal organs. In addition, in the area of impact due to the resulting hyperemia (redness) of the skin and the appearance of blue spots, biologically active substances are formed that stimulate metabolic and regenerative processes.
  • Hemorrhagic spots, or extravasates, formed after staging cans, unlike bruises that appear when a vessel breaks from impact and red blood cell deformation, result from overstretching of the vascular tissue and, through the holes that have appeared, leak into the surrounding tissues.
    The phenomenon of the onset of stains after vacuum therapy should be considered as an important component element of diagnosis and treatment. The substances contained in the stain are nothing but substrates of their own blood. This means that vacuum therapy is nothing more than autohemotherapy, which promotes an increase in immunity in weakened and long-term illnesses, an increase in the protective functions of the body to viral diseases.
  • After the termination of the vacuum, the vessel acquires its original appearance. There is a passive training of vessels. Long-term practice of vacuum therapy shows that even with the use of maximum vacuum values, the integrity of the vascular walls of the capillaries is not violated.
    Vacuum can therapy and canned massage are one of the most effective physiological methods for non-drug healing of the body, which acts by mobilizing its own resources. This method of treatment allows you to quickly and safely arrest (remove) pain in a number of diseases, as well as prevent its occurrence.
  • Vacuum therapy can also be used as an auxiliary diagnostic method. It was found that the zone of the greatest hyperemia and the appearance of “bruises” corresponds to the region of more noticeable manifestations of osteochondrosis, deforming spondylosis, congestion in muscles and subcutaneous tissue.

    * for removal of stagnation in organs and tissues
    * when treating a cold
    * in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system - bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, pleurisy,
    * prevention of hypostatic pneumonia
    * in the treatment of acute and chronic myositis, neuromyositis, neuralgia, neuritis and perineuritis, osteochondrosis
    * when recovering from injuries
    * in cosmetology in the treatment of cellulite and obesity
    * to rejuvenate the body
    * to assist in diagnosis
    * to regulate and restore the functions of internal organs
    * to restore intestinal motility
    * to relieve emotional stress
    * to reduce the level of cholesterol and blood sugar, increase its buffer stability
    * for accelerated recovery of the body after heavy exercise


    Contraindications to the formulation of vacuum cans:

      * Hemophilia, leukemia, malignant anemia, thrombocytopenia
      * Allergic manifestations on the skin - itching, redness; skin ulceration, loss of integrity and marked swelling of the skin
      * In the places of large vessels - the front-side of the neck, the heart area - the center of the chest in front, in the places of lymph nodes - submandibular (under the lower jaw), neck (front surface of the neck), supraclavicular (supraclavicular fossa), axillary, inguinal, popliteal lymph nodes
      * In places of skin tumors, skin injuries, bone fractures, varicose veins (banks are not placed topically on the area of varicose dilatation)
      * Sense organs (eyes, nose, ears - ear canal, mouth), female genitals, anus
      * Active tuberculosis, dementia, nervous disorders
      * Hypertension in the acute phase (hypertensive crisis), acute heart failure, acute respiratory failure
      * Alcohol and drug intoxication
      * After a heavy meal, with fatigue, fasting, after intense physical exertion, with exhaustion and weakness, with cachexia (extreme weight loss), with a strong thinning of the skin
      * With high body temperature, coma, convulsions, critical patient condition. In case of unclear pathological conditions, it is first necessary to clarify the diagnosis so as not to delay the necessary emergency care.
      * Children under three years old use vacuum cans only as prescribed by a doctor.


  • First: the negative pressure in the banks leads to the expansion of blood vessels, increasing the volume of blood flow and accelerating blood circulation, which leads to an increase in the vital forces of the superficial and deep layers of cells. The permeability of the vascular wall increases and phagocytosis of cells is stimulated (destruction of harmful microorganisms), while the temperature of local areas rises, local resistance and resistance of the human body increases, leading to increased immunity.
  • Second: with the assistance of negative pressure in banks with magnets attached to the bottom of the can, magnetic fields are created, increasing the amount of electrical charge in the erythrocytes, increasing their activity and reducing blood viscosity, as a result, the quantity and quality of blood is normalized. This activates the movement of blood and the circulation of internal life energy, which contributes to the overall recovery of the body.
  • Third: applying a therapeutic balm, infusion, ointment or warming rubbing before putting massage vacuum cans on the skin increases vascular permeability, increased blood flow and the temperature rises under the banks, improves the penetration of therapeutic agents inside.
  • Fourth: due to reflection, an impact occurs on the pathological section of tissues or organs, which have their representation in this area of skin.
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    1 session - 300 ₪
    5 session - 1350 ₪
    10 session - 2700 ₪
    I practice a holistic approach to human health, so in one session I can apply several methods, this will not affect the price in any way.